Here at GTT Commercial Tires, we sell various accessories for commercial trucks to go with our tire and rim offerings.

Our accessories include:
  • Valve Stems - available in different sizes and aluminum and steel
  • Balancing Beads

These accessories will help to prolong the life of your truck’s tires and make sure that you receive optimal performance. They also protect against rapid wear and tear so that your tires stay operational for longer.

What is a valve stem?

A valve stem is the small tube that allows you to inflate or deflate your tires. However, commercially used valve stems for larger vehicles are more robust than your standard valve stem. A commercial valve stem is a high-pressure valve that can handle the maximum psi of commercial truck tires.

What are balancing beads?

Balancing beads help keep your truck’s tires balanced automatically and are extremely easy to install. They can provide increased tire life, better fuel efficiency, and reduce vibrations by reducing rolling resistance and allowing for easy re-balancing. Contact us for more information regarding our commercial truck accessories!

If you need valve stems, balancing beads, or other commercial truck accessories in Richmond or Petersburg, VA, come into the trusted choice here at GTT Commercial Tires today.

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