Need Your Vehicle Serviced Before the Holidays?

We have finally entered the bustling holiday season, which means many of you will be running around to do last-minute shopping, getting errands run, and traveling to see loved ones. To make it all happen, you’ll need a trusty ride! To keep your vehicle safe on the road, we recommend taking your vehicle to GTT Commercial Tires for a seasonal inspection.

Holiday Road-Trip Checklist

Below are several of the essential things that you should have checked off to ensure your car, SUV, or truck is road-worthy for the holidays. If you can’t handle these yourself, feel free to get in touch with our team for help!

  • Tires - Whether you are driving on dry or slick roads, you will need healthy tires to move safely. Check your tires’ pressure, tread depth, tread pattern, and any signs of damage. Sometimes, all it takes is a top-off, tire rotation, and/or alignment to ensure your vehicle gets you from point a to point b safely.
  • Fluids - If you are going to be doing some long-distance traveling, make sure all your fluids are clean and topped off. While motor oil is probably at the top of your list, don’t forget about the brake fluid, antifreeze/coolant, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid. 
  • Wipers - Wipers can be easy to forget, considering they don’t impact your vehicle’s performance. However, it can definitely affect your safety. If it rains or snows in the Richmond area, you will need effective wipers to clear your windshield. 
  • Battery - Make sure your battery connections are tucked, tightened, and free of corrosion. If you want to take it a step further, we can check your battery’s health by testing it at our shop.
  • Brakes - Brakes are of course essential to your safety. Therefore, you should have your brake pads/brake shoes inspected. If they’ve been soft or squeaky, it may be time for a replacement.
  • Belts & Hoses - Before you go, you must not skip your belts and hoses. A quick inspection of these can go a long way in preventing a headache down the line. If they are showing signs of wear and tear, feel free to replace them before heading out.

This is the best time of year, so don’t ruin the fun and joy with a broken-down vehicle. We invite you to GTT Commercial Tires for a quick seasonal inspection of your car, so you can have peace of mind for the holiday.

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