Stay in the Right Lane with Proper Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment makes sure your wheels are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road. When your vehicle’s wheels are precisely aligned, they keep your truck moving forward and ensure proper tire wear. At GTT Commercial Tires, we cannot stress enough how important it is to address the issue of improper wheel alignment promptly. Read on to learn more about how poor alignment can affect your car, SUV, or heavy-duty truck and where to go in Richmond, VA, Petersburg, VA, and Portsmouth, VA, for professional wheel alignment service.

Risks of Bad Wheel Alignment

While many people may be tempted to shrug off the effects and issues of bad wheel alignment, it is highly not recommended. First off, your safety on the road will be significantly reduced. Not to mention, you can save money on fuel and costly repairs by taking early and preventative action. Here is what you can expect if you don’t promptly correct your wheels’ angles:

  • Uneven and premature tire wear
  • Difficulty steering/veering left and right
  • Added stress on the suspension system
  • Reduced fuel economy

A minor alignment issue can quickly become a major repair bill and put you in a dangerous situation. You might notice worse handling when driving at higher speeds. To regain control of your vehicle, make sure you take care of your alignment quickly and regularly check your wheels’ alignment as a part of maintenance.

Causes of Improper Alignment

While your wheels are engineered to adapt to various road conditions, they can’t handle the extremes. A harsh strike into a pothole or curb and a collision with another object or car can knock your wheels out of alignment. To be on the safe side, we recommend having your wheels after you’ve made a significant impact on your car. 

Restore Your Alignment At GTT Commercial Tires

You can count on the team at GTT Commercial Tires for all your tire needs, including 2-wheel and 4-wheel alignment services. If your vehicle displays any signs of misalignment, please call or visit one of our 3 convenient locations today.

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