Why Is My Car Vibrating When I Brake?

Mostly felt through the brake pedal, a brake vibration comes when you try to hit the brake. These are also felt on the steering wheel, but only when the condition worsens. Mainly termed as the brake shudder, it is brought about by the difficulties within the disc. If there is a delay in handling the situation, it could be dangerous.

Causes of vibration when braking a car

The brake shudder is due to malfunctioning calipers, damaged rotors, or new brake pads installed improper. The source of the vibrations usually determines whether the front and rear brakes are responsible. The front brakes bring the steering wheel vibration, whereas the rear brakes cause the brake pedal vibration.
Brake rotors, as one of the causes of the shudder, get warped over time from friction. The exterior rotors wear out unevenly. Brake pads provide complete contact for smooth braking. The brake pads are in contact with the rotors in specific areas causing a vibration, especially braking at highway speed when the rotors are unevenly worn.
In addition, poor brake pad condition, such as being damaged or warped, are also a source of this brake shudder. Moreover, the soiling of the brake pads from dirt or oil, and other toxins cause vibration as they tend to grasp the rotor.
Lastly, poor alignment or suspension issues are also a cause, as they can cause premature tire damage to the vital suspension. Over time suspension components such as the wheel and tie rods also the ball joints wear and tear out. This may affect your braking.

How to fix vibration in a car

Fixing is always better when proper replacement of worn-out parts is done. Resurfacing the brake rotors can also help eliminate the brake shudder. Whenever you replace the brake rotors, ensure to replace the pads too and have a smooth and compact surface for both rotors and the pads.

To avoid braking and vibrations, focus on the brake pads' quality and the regular replacement of worn-out parts. If you need a brake repair, visit BAM! Automotive today for professional services.

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