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Tire Pressure Basics

Tire pressure is the most essential element for safe, properly functioning tires; yet, it's the least monitored maintenance. Follow this guide to ensure you're adequately airing up your tires.

Examples of under inflated, properly inflated, and over inflated wear of commercial tire treads.

  • If you're experiencing excessive wear along the edges of your tires, they may be under-inflated.

  • With over-inflated tires, excessive wear will be prevalent in the center of the tread.

  • To prolong the life of your tires and maintain even tread wear, ensure your tires are properly inflated.

Tire pressure is also affected by seasonal changes. The table below lists the general guidelines to follow for each position in Summer and Winter. It's also important to consider your trailer applications and loads when discussing your tire pressure.





105 psi

100 psi

100 psi


110 psi

110 psi

100 psi

Call GTT Commercial Tires today to get your complimentary tire inspection to verify your tire pressure is good to go!

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