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How to Choose the Correct Commercial Truck Tire Application

Not all tires are meant for every trucker and their operation. Choosing the wrong type of tire can lead to decreased fuel efficiency and premature wear even when placed in their proper tire positions. Use this post as a guide to ensure you're picking the best tires for your application.

GTT Commercial Tires Guide to Commercial Tire Application

Regional Tire Application

Primary function: designed for short to medium distance trips

Made to handle various road conditions, frequent starts and stops, and offer excellent traction for winding roads

Typically operate within a 300-mile radius and log an average annual mileage between 30,000 to 80,000 miles

Long-Haul Tire Application

Primary function: Designed for long-distance trips

Made to handle various heavier loads and withstand extended periods of use

Typically operate outside of a 300-mile radius and can average 100,000 miles or more annually

Want to see the difference between regional and long-haul tires visually? Click here to watch a video depicting the two.

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