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Understanding Truck Tire Positions

Commercial trucks have various tire positions, including steer, drive, and trailer positions. Each serve a specific function in supporting the vehicle's weight and handling. Understanding these positions is crucial for proper tire maintenance and replacement.

GTT Commercial Tires Guide to Commercial Truck Tire Positions

1. Steer Tire Position

Location: Front of the vehicle

Primary function: Shape and guide handling and provide smooth ride

Arguably the most critical tires on a commercial truck

When purchasing steer tires, select a durable tire that can handle various road conditions.

2. Drive Tire Position

Location: Behind the steer axle

Primary function: Responsible for providing power and traction to the truck

When purchasing drive tires, consider the durability, traction, and ability to withstand high torque

3. Trailer Tire Position

Location: Back of the trailer

Primary function: Follow where the trailer is being towed and support the weight of the load

When purchasing trailer tires, consider the maximum weight of the loads you'll be hauling and the terrain you'll be driving on

4. All-Position

Location: Can be used on any position on a commercial truck

Primary function: Offers balanced performance and is suitable for steer, drive, and trailer positions

Mostly built with the steer axle in mind, but performs well on the drive and trailer axles as well.

When purchasing an all-position tire, follow the same purchasing guidelines for steer, drive, and trailer tires.

Tire positions are the foundation for all knowledge a drive must know about commercial truck tires. To learn more or speak with a tire advisor concerning your tires, contact us here.

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