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How to Not Get Taken Advantage of as an OTR Trucker: Tire Purchase Edition

GTT Commercial Tires servicing an OTR Trucker

OTR (Over-the-road or long-haul) truckers are oftentimes taken advantage of when in need of tire services away from home. These four tips will ensure you've got the know-how to get the best deal and service.

Keep A Spare

Having a spare allows you to only pay for the tire install, saving you money.

Visit Local Tire Dealers

Local stores typically offer better deals and don't push specific premium brands on you.

Get At Least Three Quotes Prior to Visiting A Tire Store

Shopping around and getting quotes gives you the best negotiating power.

Purchase Used Tires

In an over the road predicament, used tires will hold you over until you get back to your home city and preferred tire dealer.

Educate Yourself

Knowing the basics of commercial truck tires, such as the best for each position and application as well as safety guidelines ensure you're in a position to speak confidently to what you need or want from a tire dealer. Subscribe to the GTT Commercial Tires Youtube channel for education videos.

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