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  • How to not get taken advantage of as an OTR trucker: Roadside Edition

    No one wants their tire to blow requiring them to get emergency road service from a tire shop; however, it happens. Follow these tips to ensure you're not getting the short end of the stick from tire roadside service providers. Keep a spare tire Having a spare tire allows you to avoid purchasing a new one, so all you have to pay for are the service charges. Know how and what to ask for from providers Negotiate with providers close to your location, ask for options such as premium, import, new, used, virgin, or recap tires, and express your willingness to go with another provider. Invest in a dual tire pressure equalization system Dual tire pressure equalization systems make pre-trips easier in addition to maintaining enough air pressure to safely make it to the nearest tire shop if any roadside tire emergency arises. Set up a national account with any specific tire brand National accounts ensure your prices are the same no matter where you go. Repair or replace your own tire If you have the know-how and all the tools needed, you can repair/replace your own tire to avoid roadside services entirely. To learn how to change your tire, click here. GTT Commercial Tires offers flat-rate emergency roadside services. Click here to call now!

  • 3 Ways to Maximize Your Truck Battery Life

    We all know that while your truck is rollin', you're earnin'. So unexpected battery failure can cause major disruption for your trucking operation. Follow these three tips to maximize the life of the batteries you already own so you won't have to replace them sooner than anticipated. Keep all your batteries clean and dry Dirt and grime can build up on batteries over time, so periodically inspecting the batteries can prevent possible poor connections or corrosion. Check the battery charge regularly By regularly testing your batteries to see if the battery is being overcharged or draining too quickly, you can identify any issues with the battery’s performance before they become too severe. Minimize extreme weather exposure High temperatures can cause bloating of the battery case and prematurely age the battery. Low temperatures can cause the battery to lose a portion of its charge. By following these three measures, you will extend your truck's battery life and prolong the immediate need to replace batteries, keeping you on the road. Call now or visit us at any of our three locations to get your free battery testing today!

  • Tire Pressure Basics

    Tire pressure is the most essential element for safe, properly functioning tires; yet, it's the least monitored maintenance. Follow this guide to ensure you're adequately airing up your tires. If you're experiencing excessive wear along the edges of your tires, they may be under-inflated. With over-inflated tires, excessive wear will be prevalent in the center of the tread. To prolong the life of your tires and maintain even tread wear, ensure your tires are properly inflated. Tire pressure is also affected by seasonal changes. The table below lists the general guidelines to follow for each position in Summer and Winter. It's also important to consider your trailer applications and loads when discussing your tire pressure. Call GTT Commercial Tires today to get your complimentary tire inspection to verify your tire pressure is good to go!

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